Meet Our Faculty

Leadership Team

The purpose of the Leadership Team is to ensure the success of our educational program. The Leadership Team are dedicated to:

  • articulating the core values and vision of the school
  • providing academic leadership
  • taking leadership in the admissions and recruitment process,
  • building community and enhancing retention among students and families,
  • recruiting and guiding faculty members and staff,
  • ensuring the financial health of the school
  • serving as the school’s representatives to the larger community
  • facilitating the continuous process of internal evaluation
  • fundraising,
  • and implementing the long-term plan for the school.

Paul Raymond

Admissions Director

Cheryl Raymond

Program Director

Elizabeth Meadows

Business Manager

Holly Tosco

Director of Children’s House and Toddler Programs

Patricia Flavin

Office Coordinator


Chelsea Fabyanski

Toddler 1 Lead Guide

Debbie Jones

Toddler 1 Assistant Guide

Leah Tablazon

Toddler 2 Lead Guide

Nice Donati 

Toddler 2 Assistant Guide

Shannon Gray

Toddler 3 Lead Guide

Pooja Agarwal

Toddler 3 Assistant Guide

Leila Edwards

Toddler 4 All Day Lead Guide

Children's House

Chrysanthie Palaninathan

Children's House 2 Lead Guide

Shanon Merritt

Children's House 2 Assistant Guide

Amanda Langbehn

Children's House 3 Lead Guide

Sonja Jones

Children's House 3 Assistant Guide

Weylin Olive

Children's House 4 Lead Guide

Heather Dorsett

Children's House 4 Assistant Guide

Dorian Dugger

Children’s House 4 Morning Assistant

Sujata Sonik

Children's House 5 Lead Guide

Zoe Grobart

Children's House 5 Assistant Guide

Maria Selles

Children's House 6 Lead Guide

Children's House 6 Assistant Guide

Lower & Upper Elementary

Shama Doshi

Lower Elementary 1 Lead Guide

Olivia Hinson

Lower Elementary 1 Assistant

Cheryl Raymond

Lower Elementary 2 Lead Guide

Evelyn Gilbertson

Lower Elementary 2 Assistant

Abigail Parsons

Upper Elementary Co-Lead Guide

Rebecca Satalino

Upper Elementary Co-Lead


Sally Meehan

Adolescent Lead Guide
Humanities/Language Instructor

Greg Dahlin

Adolescent Lead Guide
Math Instructor

Ellen Kuppinger

Adolescent Lead Guide
Science Instructor

Resource Guides

BJ WIlliams

Director of Co-Curricular Programs

John Robinson

Primary Substitute

Debbie Jones

Primary Substitute

Support Staff

Gary Mote

Grounds & Facilities Manager

Kelly Wolf

Learning Support Specialist

A lot of schools where teachers take center stage talk about being “child-centered”. Winston-Salem Montessori School is. In Montessori we speak of the “trio of teachers” a mixed aged community of child, Montessori’s learning materials, and the guide (“teacher”). Each part of the triad is as important as the other and where the teacher is an observer, follower, and guide who brings wisdom, thoughtfulness, and experience to the child’s academic, social, and intellectual exploration.

At Winston-Salem Montessori we believe that each child is possessed of many gifts and is not merely an empty mug to be filled by an all-knowing jug (the teacher). This approach demands special professionals confident and skilled enough to allow the child to be an active participant in his or her learning. It also means that all school decisions are driven by what is best for the children. Learn More