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The Five Principles of the Montessori Method of Education

Our Montessori programs rely on a set of five unique principles. These principles encourage students to self-motivate, question and analyze what’s happening around them, and learn at their own pace.

  1. Independent – Confident, self-motivated and responsible, our graduates formulate plans, organize resources, and follow through with perseverance.
  2. Passionate Learners – Open-minded curiosity nurtures active engagement which makes learning its own reward.
  3. Critical Thinkers – Not taught what to think, but how to think, our graduates are academically prepared to approach problems with creative solutions and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of ideas, information, and action.
  4. Global Citizen – Standing strong in advocating for others and our planet, our graduates understand their place in protecting the environment and their role in building harmonious communities.
  5. Compassionate – Kind, considerate, and respectful, WSM graduates are committed to cooperation, collaboration and peaceful resolution.

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