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Faculty Members - Children's House

CH Asst. - Ms. Dorian

Ms. Dorian counts her 7 children and 6 grandchildren as her greatest blessings!  In fact, her grandchild is the primary reason she learned about the Montessori philosophy of education.   When Ms. Dorian witnessed the growth in him, she was inspired and decided to explore joining our school community as a faculty member.   A lover of the arts from an early age, Ms. Dorian shares her passion and love of music and creativity daily with the children.

CH Asst. - Ms. Leslie

 After living in Winston-Salem for over 25 years, Ms. Leslie considers this area her home. Ms. Leslie has worked with children for over 16 years, 6 of them at our school. Her positive, joyful attitude and caring presence help the children feel loved and cherished.

CH Asst. - Ms. Pam

Serendipity played a part in Ms. Pam learning about Montessori. When she and her 3-year old son got lost while running some errands, they turned around in the Montessori school parking lot. It prompted Pam to look into Montessori, and now Pam has completed her 4th year and her son is nearing his 9th year at our school. Pam brings her love of nature, combined with her B.A. in Biology, to enrich the children's exploration of the world around them.

CH Asst. - Ms. Sujata

Upon first meeting Ms. Sujata, you may not realize that she speaks 3 languages or that she has earned degrees from two different universities. What you’ll first notice is Sujata’s calming, loving presence. The way she patiently interacts with the children, the care with which she prepares the classroom, all reflective of the love she has for children. Ms. Sujata is also known for her amazing sewing skills, a talent that she generously shares with the children.

CH Lead - Ms. Faith

It’s a special gift to have a Montessori alumni on our teaching staff. Starting at age 4, Faith attended Montessori schools and has loved and embraced the philosophy and teachings of Maria Montessori ever since. Keeping the Montessori tradition alive in her life, Faith is pursuing her Montessori Children's House credential, as she enters her 8th year serving young children at our school.  Faith is also giving the gift of a Montessori education to her 3-year old son.

CH Lead - Ms. Chrys

Ms. Chrys is a Montessori-certified Children’s House guide and has worked at our school for the past 17 years . As a teacher who grew up in another culture and speaks multiple languages, Ms. Chrys brings tremendous richness to her classroom and our school community. Chrys’ international perspective aligns perfectly with the Montessori philosophy that we are all part of a global community.

CH Lead - Ms. Holly

Some people fall into Montessori, and some folks are born into it. The latter was the case with Ms. Holly, who’s a 3rd generation Montessorian. She carried on the Montessori tradition with her 3 grown children, all Montessori alumni. A world traveler, having lived in Japan, Spain and El Salvador, Ms. Holly enlivens the classroom with her global perspective, passion for teaching and gift of music.

CH Lead - Ms. Maria

Ms. Maria comes from a long line of educators, and she knew from a young age, growing up in Puerto Rico, that she would fall in her parent’s footsteps. Supporting children as they develop at their own pace is what attracted Maria to the Montessori philosophy of education. Now almost 9 years after starting at our school, Maria continues to bring tremendous energy, enthusiasm and passion to her work with children.

CH Sunset Asst. - Ms. Marie

Ms. Marie has a passion for children, as evidenced by her 15 years experience working with children. She quickly and easily builds a rapport with the children and their parents. The students look forward to their afternoons in Sunset with Ms. Marie.

CH Sunset Lead - Ms. Takia

Ms. Takia brings a calm peacefulness to her work with children.  Her warm smile and open attititude help children feel welcome and cared for.  From early on, Ms. Takia saw education as 'her path' and earned a BS in Family and Consumers Sciences, specializing in child development and family relations.  Additionally, she earned a NC teaching license (birth-kindergarten). 

Spanish - Ms.Luisa

Ms. Luisa was born and raised in Colombia and has shared her language and culture with our students since 2008. Approaching language from an immersion perspective, Ms. Luisa interacts with the students almost entirely in Spanish. Whether a child needs help buttoning a sweater or carrying on a conversation in Spanish about the weather, Ms. Luisa offers caring and supportive guidance to all the students.

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