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What Our Families Say

Verbatims from our annual Alumni Night, 2016:

Speaking about their ability to be prepared for schooling after Montessori, our alumni shared:  "I was definitely well prepared and organized...have strong analytical skills...I had everything I needed (to be successful)...I thought homework would be difficult and it wasn't, I flew through it...I easily made friends...I had developed a strong work ethic which helped me get ahead in Math...I stay positive, even about homework for it helps me learn more about the subject...I know how to enjoy learning...grades helps me know what I know."

"Passion is a substantial part of who I am"

"Montessori relationships last a lifetime."

Having a Montessori education, "helped me get out of myself and love myself..."

"I have some amazing teachers (in public school) that really care and are dedicated to teaching.  I gravitate and build strong relationships with teachers."

Speaking about how they are using the Montessori peace education component of the curriculum in their current school/life situations, "I diffuse, then discuss", having conflict resolution tools "helps me reduce hostility which is a valuable skill."

After a December holiday community event, parents shared:

"Loved this moment of respect for all religions at TMS. It's the best of what the world should be."

~ Anna, Children's House Parent

"Love that having friends from around the world and of many faith traditions is normal at TMS...Although I am thankful and proud of TMS every day, I was especially proud today. During a week when a county in Virginia closed all of its schools over an assignment that presented the Islamic statement of faith, TMS did something really different. Through the inclusion of a song about attending prayer at a mosque you communicated a message of inclusion and acceptance, of friendship and learning about the traditions of others.,,TMS treated Islam just like any other religious tradition practiced by families within the TMS family---nothing to fear...just a woman and her daughter sharing a song. Bravo to TMS! It may have been just a song but in this current environment, it amounts to a stand for religious tolerance, acceptance, and love. Thank you a million times over.

~ Leann, Toddler and Children's House parent

“It's the most, most peaceful, unbelievably nurturing learning environment”
 ~ Shon, Toddler & Children’s House Parent

“…they send home school-grown onions that are as big as your toddler!”
 ~ Jessica, Toddler (now Children’s House) Parent

“The curriculum offers a hands-on approach to learning that is designed in such a way that the students genuinely have fun with the learning process.”
~ Eddie, Lower Elementary Parent

“I get to make good friends, grow plants, dance and sing…I love everything from heart to heart”
 ~ Elyse (age 4), Children’s House Student

The school “genuinely cares about individual growth and success.  Everyone knows you, you’re not lost in an anonymous crowd.”
~ Jennifer, Children’s House Parent

“When your child comes home with a new word or can pour a glass of water by herself, and she smiles with pride at her accomplishments, you realize you are raising your child with the best extended family in Winston-Salem.”
 ~ Elizabeth & David, Toddler and Children’s House Parents

“…my school helps me to be me!”
 ~ Caroline, Upper Elementary Student

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