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Transitions & Graduation

A question on the minds of most parents is "How do your students transition to another school setting?"  Our short answer is "remarkable well," and here's why:  our students love to learn and see themselves as competent, capable, and responsible global citizens.  Our Montessori classrooms are real-world learning environments, preparing students to be successful in the fast-paced, ever-changing 21st world we live in.

Here's what our graduates say:

"I was definitely well prepared and organized...have strong analytical skills...I had everything I needed (to be successful)...I thought homework would be difficult and it wasn't, I flew threw it...I easily made friends...I had developed a strong work ethic which helped me get ahead in Math...I stay positive, even about homework for it helps me learn more about the subject...I know how to enjoy learning...grades helps me know what I know."

"Passion is a substantial part of who I am"

"Montessori relationships last a lifetime."

Having a Montessori education, "helped me get out of myself and love myself..."

"I have some amazing teachers (in public school) that really care and are dedicated to teaching.  I gravitate to and build strong relationships with these teachers."

Speaking about how they are using the Montessori peace education component of the curriculum in their current school/life situations, "I diffuse, then discuss", having conflict resolution tools "helps me reduce hostility which is a valuable skill."




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