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...childhood constitutes the most important element in an adult’s life, for it is in his early years that a man is made.” ~ Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori understood the importance of childhood, how foundational it is to the development of a mature, responsible individual. Current science is proving her correct, underscoring the value and significance of a child’s early years. As parents, we all want the best for our children, to be the best parents possible. Unfortunately, children don’t come with owners’ manuals, so for parents, it’s all “on the job training”!

To help parents hone their parenting skills and access the resources and support they need, we offer a series of timely, practical and relevant parent education programs. These sessions prove invaluable to our parents, for they gain additional tools for their parenting toolbox. Below are some examples of the topics covered and the related parent education program.

  • Applying the time-tested Montessori philosophy in the child’s home (Montessori in the Home).
  • Better understanding a child’s needs and behavior patterns to create more family harmony (Positive Discipline).
  • Increasing parents’ understanding of the depth and breadth of learning that occurs in a Montessori classroom (The Montessori Reading & Writing Curriculum Series, What to Expect in Children’s House and Montessori in the Elementary Years).

Positive Discipline:  The Course (this is last year's course info.  Details for 2018 will be available in Dec. 2017)

Children don't come with manuals...until now!  Join our own Director of Education and Certified Positive Discipline Coach, Annamarie Edwards, to learn how this powerful approach to parenting works.  Registration details will be available December 2017.

2017-18 Parent Education Series Offerings

2017-18 Parent Education Series Handouts:


2016-17 Parent Education Series Handouts:


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