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The first Montessori school in Winston-Salem was founded in 1968 with 24 students. Affiliated with Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church, Southside Montessori was located on the corner of Banner and Sunnyside Avenues. Montessori materials were difficult to find and training for the teachers consisted of workshops and a correspondence course via the St. Nicholas Preparatory School in London.

During the 1970s, two more Montessori schools opened: Forsyth Montessori and Reynolda Montessori (1973). In 1984, these schools merged and relocated to Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church on Bolton Street, with the new name of Montessori Children’s Center, Inc. In 1986, Southside Montessori closed, leaving Montessori Children’s Center the only Montessori school in Winston-Salem.

Montessori Children’s Center moved to Old Vineyard Road in 1992, eventually housing two Toddler classrooms, five Children’s House classrooms and a combined Lower/Upper Elementary program.

By the summer of 2006, a new building designed by Montessori architect, Jim Dyck was finished, and The Montessori School of Winston-Salem moved to its new campus on Holder Road in Clemmons, North Carolina. The school currently houses 11 classrooms: 3 Toddler, 5 Children’s House, 2 Lower Elementary classrooms and 1 Upper Elementary classroom.

During 2006-2007, our community engaged in a process of finalizing a core values document, with approval by the Board of Trustees in the summer of 2007. This document is an important part of our community and is referred to regularly as the school continually strives to align itself more closely with these core values. We encourage you to read and reference the Blueprint.

In 2008, the school engaged in a contract with the Natural Learning Initiative (NC State’s College of Design) to design our outdoor environment master plan for our eight-acre campus. Each year we continue to realize this plan through the investment of school resources and support from parents, faculty and staff, and leadership from our Outdoor Play & Learning Environments (OPLE) Committee.

In June of 2010 six students celebrated the first graduation from the Upper Elementary program.

Aligned with our commitment to life-long learning, we continue to grow in excellence as a school, in our practice of nurturing and supporting children so that they thrive and flourish.  We are committed to providing meaningful professional development opportunities to enhance our teachers' practice and stay abreast of current brain research and child development.   From a programmatic standpoint,  our after school offerings and summer programs have expanded in scope, providing additional enriching experiences for our students.  And finally, we are a full member of the American Montessori Society, meeting or exceeding the membership requirements and are in the process of applying for dual accreditation with the American Montessori Society and AdvancED (formerly Southern Association of Colleges & Schools). 

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